Digital Media Technology with CipherTV

digital media technology

Digital Presentations

Plugin the CipherTV bar to your projector or TV screen in the meeting room to present digital material with ease. Load files from a USB, dropbox or internet connection and use the air mouse for your pointer.

digital media

Video Conferencing

Integrated 2MP video camera and microphone allows you to use Skype, Google Hangout or other video conferencing apps to connect to another board room or for online interviews. Plugin a wireless USB keyboard (not included) for live chat options during your video conference.

digital media technology

Digital Media & Ads for Retail

Bring your retail location to life. Use the CipherTV bar to promote your digital messages or to run the local news or sports for your customers. Contact us directly to inquiry on how we can help you setup TV with digital media messages in your retail locations or visit to create your digital signage account online and get started quick and easy.

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CipherTV Corporation,
B11 - 970 Burrard Street,Vancouver,BC, Canada-V6Z 2R4,
Telephone No.6042881818
BC and Alberta
Digital Media, Ads and Presentation for your business. Take advantage of today's digital technology with CipherTV. Empower your organization with professional conferencing, presentations and meeting productivity.