Tips to Troubleshooting the STB

Who do we call to escalate issues?
Call CipherTV technical support team at 604-288-1616 (toll free 1-888-851-8858) or email

How to calibrate your R35 remote controller
To calibrate or re-pair your R35 remote controller is simple. Place the remote on a flat surface and press the OK & Back button until the green LED flashes fast and go to slow flash then the calibration and pairing are completed.


How to turn on troubleshooting information on a user’s account:
Go to settings, and then choose Display Technical Information. See screenshots below.


CipherTV will play and then will pause for 10-15 seconds. This happens on every channel, how do I fix this?

Before troubleshooting, please completely power down and restart the CipherTV Bar.

Are you using WIFI connection?

If you are can you please go to google store to install the WifiAnalyzer and can check to see if there is any WIFI channel conflicts.  If there is, move your WIFI channel number to a non-conflicting channel.

If there are no clear channels then please try connecting the CipherTV Bar with the Ethernet connection.

If the problem persists, then open the CipherTV2 App and:

– Bring up the keypad located on the screen bottom right corner

– Click on Menu

– Click on Settings

– Turn on Display Technical info

See what the average speed is on the bottom line, it need to be at least 4Mbps to get the HD channels to run properly.

If still have problem then go to setting to send us a bug report, this bug report will tell us more details inside the STB and we will analyze and get back to you.