About CipherTV

CipherTV provides internet, TV and phone services in over 1,000 communities across BC and Alberta.

CipherTV – World Entertainment on Demand

CipherTV provides internet, TV and phone services in over 1,000 communities across BC and Alberta. We serve both residential and business customers with unlimited internet service and 24/7 live support. We are a CRTC licensed broadcaster in Western Canada, with an infrastructure capable of offering DSL and cable internet across BC and Alberta, and fiber to the home / business in select communities within BC and Alberta. We credit our growth to superior customer service, quality assurance and advanced technology. We are committed to keeping ahead of the competition by offering smarter solutions without the inflated cost burdens of being a large incumbent provider.

Over 16 year servicing the Internet Industry

CipherTV started over 16 years ago as a wholesale network services provider to the ISP industry. The company is 100% Canadian owned and operated, started by brothers Tony and Glen Lum. In 2013, CipherTV made a move to enter the retail internet, phone and TV services industry serving both residential and business consumers. At this time, CipherTV shifted its wholesale services model and partner contracts to operate under its Cipher Group arm, consisting of AEBC Corporation and CipherKey Exchange Corp.

CipherTV has grown from the days of dial-up internet to offering the latest IPTV and fiber-to-the-home technologies across Western Canada. CipherTV offers the network experience and infrastructure capability to connect entire communities, combined with the retail brand commitment to give single users a quality, modern service for a fraction the comparative price. Today, CipherTV offers a network with:

  • 24/7 live technical support
  • Redundant fiber backbone looping Vancouver and Seattle
  • Direct IP transit connections to VANIX and  SIX internet exchanges
  • Carrier grade high availability equipment and datacenter
  • Online self-serve network status and traffic monitoring tools

CipherTV IPTV Technology & Platform

The CipherTV system and brand provide a modern internet based TV service to meet the future demands of entertainment. The CipherTV Bar is a modern engineered smart device that transforms TVs into a universal home entertainment hub. Developed with CipherTV’s IPTV application and content delivery network, customers can access and enjoy TV entertainment from around the world, in the comfort of their living room.

  • Propriety IPTV system built to full North American government compliance
  • CRTC licensed broadcaster in Western Canada
  • Private channel broadcasting capability for community groups and business
  • IPTV streaming of approximately 300 OTA and  premium TV channels
  • Set-top-box product with Android and iOS mobile viewing apps
  • Digital signage capable technology
  • Capable IPTV technology for live TV streaming in HD, VoD, PVR, nPVR, Parental Control