Gordon Comstock quits his job at an advertising agency in order to write poetry, only to find that poets, like everyone else, need money.


Seduction, passion and power struggles unfold in the seemingly glamourous world of Las Vegas show dancing.

Mickey, an NBA referee, meets Ellen, an airline employee, in Paris under unusual circumstances. It develops into a relationship of ups and downs.
Double Happiness

The story of a young Chinese-Canadian woman caught between traditional and modern societies while trying to live the life she wants and not disappoint her parents.


James and Molly now have two kids and two talking dogs but only one job between them.

John Dunbar, a Union Lieutenant of the Civil War, requests a station on the vast sweep of the short grass plains in the Dakotas where he finds himself improbably befriending both a resident gray wolf and a Sioux tribe.

Set in a dystopian future, a woman is forced to live as a concubine under a fundamentalist theocratic dictatorship.

Emily, a beautiful young attorney from the Midwest joins Claudia, a sophisticated and powerful business woman in Rio de Janeiro for international contract negotiations. Upon Emily’s arrival, she is introduced to Claudia’s distant and intriguing friend Wheeler. Several surprising and sensually arousing encounters with him reveal that he controls everything in his world, including her. Emily’s fascination for Wheeler deeply consumes her in a well-planned sexual masquerade unleashing her most sercret primitive desires. Her love for Wheeler eventually shatters his icy exterior, exposing a vulera

New England…the early 1960s. A sexy and unpredictable single mother of two is a source of constant embarrassment to her confused 15-year-old daughter.


Ted and Mary were high school sweet hearts who hadn’t seen each other since their senior prom. Thirteen years later Ted hires Pat, a private eye, to find his long lost love. Pat finds Mary and himself becomes infatuated. Wackiness ensues.

A man unwittingly asks his wife’s former lover for help in identifying her present lover.

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