To Kill a Dictator

Assassinations, even of the most treacherous dictator, can shake a nation’s confidence, launch wars, or end them. But, no matter who the mark is, high profile takedowns always shock the world… In stories motivated by obsession, hatred, politics, and fanaticism, covert plots and dark conspiracies take shape. For decades, the details of these plans, hatched to put an end to tyranny, have remained virtually unknown. Now, we go behind closed doors to meet the rebels, revolutionaries, and intelligence operatives tasked with undertaking these ruthless takedowns. What was their rationale for bloodshed? From unchecked rises to power, to homegrown genocide, and worse, what did these dictators do to inspire murderous intentions? As assassins trained and toiled to prepare for rare windows of opportunity, who were the ones who funded them, equipped them, and backed them with a revolutionary spirit? And in the moment of truth, did events unfurl to leave one dead and the other holding a smoking gun? These are the plots that were designed to Kill a Dictator.